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ap35 NEWS: Date for LCC Open 2012 is set!
The third LCC open - the international architecture championships in sailing are held from 15th to 17th June in Langenargen on Lake Constance!

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Official newsletter of the World Architect Masters 2012 | No. 7

Dear WAM Open and ACFx - fans,
Only seven days to go, and then all is set for our first Architecture Corporate Foresight conference to 'take off'! If you've organized a conference yourself before, you'll know that changes always occur on the way, and that has been no different in our case. For that reason, we would like to give you some updated information about the conference: what panels have emerged, who are the speakers that will be our "Minds of Tomorrow", and also, what exactly are they going to speak about? Apart from that, we introduce you to the host of the conference, Mr. Andreas Ruby, you'll get some information about one of our sponsors and of course we will also take a closer look at one of our media partners, this time the Turkish architecture platform Arkitera. Interesting videos round off our seventh newsletter: You'll get an insight into the fascinating world of Jürgen Mayer H., Li Edelkoort talks about the Future of the City (how will cities develop, what are they going to look like in the future), and should you want to know, how the snow sculpture competition "Shapes in White" ended, you'll get the opportunity to find out here. Have fun reading everything, and we hope very much to welcome you in Ischgl!

ACFx-Conference | Information about the program

Our "Minds of Tomorrow" have been assigned to four larger subject areas. The first session deals with Trend Research with Li Edelkoort (Trend Union), Sebastian Raßmann (TrendONE) and Tobias Mayer (Airbus) inquiring into the phenomenon of trends: how do they arise, what possibilities are there to 'spot' them, how can they become productive for one's undertaking and in what way does one get to the point where the prediction of future trends has become a reality? The following panel Interaction, Design & Media, consisting of Harald Katzenschläger (Dream Academia), Steve Rogers (Google UX EMEA), Benjamin H. Bratton (University of California), and Robert Miles Kemp (Variate Labs), will start from the assumption that anno 2012 everything is connected to everything - Humans, Buildings and Objects. If that is the case, the question is, of course, what this means for architecture: what possibilities does Architecture currently have to relate to this interactive environment, 'communicating' with its surroundings, so to speak? The third session is called Architecture Thinking. Here, Wolfgang Kessling (Transsolar), Astrid Piber (UNStudio), Andreas Huber (Lindner KG) und Chris Bosse (LAVA Architects) will deal with questions, that concern Tomorrow's architecture: how does Architecture conceive of tomorrow's living environment, and what possibilities does she have to relate to the future when still in the designing process? Last but not least, in the fourth panel called Urban Design | Megacities, Assaf Biderman (SENSEable City Lab), Sebastian Finckh (Jürgen Mayer H. Architekten), Alexander Rieck (Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation, IAO) and Jakob Lange (BIG Architects) will grapple with the challenge of the growing urbanization that characterizes today's world.

Your ap35


Latest confirmed speakers:

And the Host of the Conference is...Mr. Andreas Ruby!
In Mr. Andreas Ruby, our "Minds of Tomorrow" - conference has found a very competent host and moderator whom we would like to present to you in a little more detail here. Having been a Visiting Professor at the University of Kassel, at Cornell University and currently also at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture in Paris, Andreas Ruby is very well informed about current developments in contemporary architecture. In 2001, he founded an agency for Architecture Communication together with his wife Ilka. This Agency is called Textbild and has its base in Berlin. In 2008, Ruby Press saw the light of day, a publishing company that has published several exciting book projects on Architecture (see

Pleased to make your acquaintance, Arkitera!

This week, we would like to take a closer look at the internet forum, one of several media partners of our WAM Open 2012. is a Turkish online forum that contains news about the international architectural agenda - especially the Turkish one. Arkitera announces events concerning national and international Architecture competitions, posts about art news and exhibitions and informs its readers of recent architectural projects or new publications concerning architecture. Although is only published in Turkish, foreign architecture centers and publications do follow for issued by the Arkitera Architecture Center in Istanbul since 2000, is currently the only media platform where all relevant information about the Turkish architecture scene is gathered and made available to a broad audience of professionals and academics.
As far as the Arkitera Architecture Center is concerned, the aim of this independent architecture organization is to contribute to the emergence of a qualified environment of architectural practice in Turkey. The Arkitera Architecture Center cooperates with several companies, universities and other institutions in the field of architecture on a continuous basis.

More News

VOLANT - Ride a masterpiece
"All that is perfect in its kind should surpass its kind" (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) - thus one of the citations on the website of premium manufacturer VOLANT. This quote shows quite clearly, what the aim of this manufacturer is: VOLANT always wants to deliver products of exceptional quality, constantly seeking for perfection. VOLANT was founded in 1989 by the Kashiwa-Brothers Hank and Bucky. Back then, their goal was to develop nothing less than the perfect ski, something VOLANT is still aiming for. What characterizes every VOLANT-ski is its unique Steel Cap-construction that was developed by the Kashiwa-Brothers. This construction combines "soft flex, direct power transmission and high torsional stiffness". Since VOLANT only uses high-quality materials like aluminium, carbon, and poplar wood for its skis and also applies exclusive refinement techniques in the manufacturing process, we are very happy indeed that VOLANT has agreed to supply the WAM open 2012 with a pair of very exclusive VOLANT skis!

BENE: The stuff that rooms are made of
Textiles are making an appearance in offices. The era of pure, cool uniform, materials appears to be passé. Today, work environments are wanted that allow for emotions and create an atmosphere using fabrics and colours. Offices are therefore dressing up. For more news, click here!


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Jürgen Mayer H.
Li Edelkoort
Shapes in White - Report
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